Out with it: Training for voice, speech and bodylanguage!

You are qualified and competent – and your audience should hear it, see it and feel it.

As has been proved it is, to almost 38%, alone the voice and manner of speaking that is accountable for how a speaker is heard. A further 55% is decided by the appearance and body language – and with only 7%, the content accounts for the smallest part.

Therefore, “how” we say something determines the first impact much more than “what” we say!

People with trained voices, elocution and good body awareness lift themselves up from the masses and have a clear competitive advantage. To leave the impression you wish – in customer pitch, meeting or presentation – it is necessary to know how to perform professional and genuine.

In this workshop you gain a good basic-knowledge about voice, speech and bodylanguage, practicle experiences and always individual feedback – to feel more confident and safe in future challenging communication-situations.

Striking the right note in delivering a business message depends decidedly on using the right “tone”.

Goals: good breathing technique, melodious voice, authentic and effective body language, clear articulation, more voice power, professional elocution, vivid and lively modulation, strong presence / charisma, fun

Training Contents:

  • theory of your „instrument“
  • What should I bear in mind in regard to breathing?
  • How does professional speakers work? / speaking technique
  • how to enlarge the volume of my voice
  • clear articulation for clear messages
  • dealing with stage-fright
  • caring for your voice and relaxing it, to keep it healthy
  • body language / presentation
  • How can I develop charisma?
  • How can I fortify my content with a confident body language?